How to Make Graphic Tee's Even Cooler

Graphic tee's are a staple in any wardrobe. They can make an outfit fun or edgy and can be styled so many different ways. But sometimes graphic tee's can feel frumpy. And no one wants that! Here are 7 different ways to wear a graphic tee:

Tuck Under Bra

Take the bottom of the shirt and tuck it under your bra. Play with it until you get it to lay just right and you instantly have a crop top!

Back Tuck

Another "crop top" look but this one has a more fitted look. Gather the extra fabric around the back and simply tuck in the excess. 

Tie Knot


And if you're good with commitment go ahead and cut the top exactly where you want it to have a legit crop top. Check out how to crop a graphic tee here.


You can also tie dye white graphic tee's like this one with your favorite colors. Reverse tie dye has been popular lately too. Take any colored graphic tee and use the same tie dye method but using bleach. Another more permanent option is to cut up your graphic tee like this:

*Photo via Pinterest because I'm not interested in this kind of commitment. 

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